Sunday, November 20, 2011

Leftblock: For real shopaholics

Yesterday I went to a Leftblock Junk Sale, and I was happy :) hahaahhahaahahahah......ok over

so what is Leftblock Junk Sale? I didnt know until yesterday I showed up, it was like bloggers day out and this fashion bloggers jual jual barang yang best bangetttt!

The Azorias

Kak Jezmine Blossom aka Jezmine Zaidan, yang sangat peramah :)

KK: *snapping picture of her*
JB: Hi....Panas kan.....
KK: *jaw dropping* (you talking to me?????) A ah...panas....
JB: I naik atas sbb tak tahan panas.....hehehehe
KK: Kesian awak design semua ker?
JB: Taklah....yg I design mahal....hihihi
KK: I see

she tweeted me out.....amazeballs, I know...

check out the blog

ok this is mine 

and I bought it for only ten ringgit~ amazing tak amazing? amazeballs.....woooooooo

and finally, Joyce Wong, the Kinky Blue Fairy :) what a fashionista kan? not the brown indonesian batik guy, the girl :) 

much love 


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